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Location of roof mount combiner box and advice
« Gepost op: 4 november 2017, 13:11:09 »
Greetings, I'm about to start on the installation of 9 pv panels. These will be in landscape orientation. After reviewing posts here I know it's not what most here would recommend but I already have the panels and have figured out the racking installation. I'm planing on configuring as 3 strings of 3 each wired in series. The panels are Canadian solar 72 cel 320w, 9 amp (max)

Wiring: I was planing on using a combiner box as a junction box mounted on the roof connected to 1 1/4 in metal conduit going to the solar control area in the basement.
I was planning on connecting the negative of the three strings together and returning using a #6 wire. I was planning on using 3) #8 wire drops to bring the output of the three strings back to the solar control area. Once in the solar control area the strings will be connected to 15 amp breakers in a big baby box, these combine into a single #6 wire going to a master DC breaker and then to the charge controller.

Question: The roof if roughly a # 4 pitch is it typical to mount the combiner box under a corner of the panels -or- is it typically mounted just close to the pv array?

Conduit: I'll be running two #6 wires ( one is the common negative for the three strings, the other is the ground going to the racking system) and three #8 wires for the three pv strings.

Does all this sound reasonable?

Thanks in advance

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