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Issues with PV/Batt/Net meter grid tie
« Gepost op: 19 september 2017, 10:39:08 »
Hi there,

I've been trying to get a system installed on my place for several months now. This is to be a 10Kw-12Kw system (depends on panel output and geometry as to what can fit) with battery backup, ideally Powerwall2 x3 if they are out. The parameters are it needs to be hooked to grid for net metering. This requires upgrading the incoming service from a 150a to 200a (but since there are several loads being added, it will be to 400a, 2x 200a wires). I've had a couple bids from some smaller installers that were ok but not with the panels I'd want (older, less efficient, maybe made in China - had experience with those, won't go there).

Basically comes down to Solar City vs a Sunpower installer.

Solar City the issue is getting the peripheral work tied into the project so it can be done under one loan, and for the 30% tax credit. The overall cost is about $56k with credit puts it right about $40k cost. However, they won't put the cost of the service upgrade from the utility to the project, meaning I have to pay out of pocket and possibly miss the tax credit on that portion. The panels are decent, Panasonic with around 19+% efficiency, but their geometry limits me to 10Kw and they do not install other than on the roof - no ground mount, outbuildings or porch roof.

Sunpower has higher efficiency panels 22+% that with the geometry would allow 12Kw on my roof, they will roll the utility upgrade into the project (can't net meter that size array without it) - but aside from a roughly $5k higher cost for the system, if I finance with a solar loan they tack on 15-19% more to the project cost making it just not practical. I notice Sunpower recently took a hit on sales & stock. Maybe they want to rethink that loan penalty, they'd have made another sale if it weren't for that.

Anyone know of a lender that gives a low rate that doesn't charge back to the installer?

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