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Te Koop / Re: Materialen voor zelfbouw te koop
« Laatste bericht door jerry51 Gepost op 13 juni 2019, 09:58:52 »
Hoi Doc,

Heb je misschien voor mij een aantal van die speciale diode's, of het type van deze diode?
Als je ze wel in huis hebt, wat is de prijs per diode dan..

Ik hoor het graag van je,


U kunt de prijs van de diode hier duidelijk zien.
Groen(zonne)energie Nieuws / Re: Van klein naar groter naar groen! DSP Industries
« Laatste bericht door sktthemes Gepost op 26 april 2018, 11:27:14 »
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Algemeen / Bootable USB Without CD?
« Laatste bericht door kevinmanuel Gepost op 27 maart 2018, 15:33:57 »

I've noticed that every tutorial on how to make a bootable usb goes as such:
1. Format the USB
2. Use either a program/cmd to copy the files from a CD-ROM over to the USB
Is there a way to skip the CD part, for instance, mounting an ISO file through software such as Daemon Tools as a "virual" CD? An issue that I've run into has been that by not burning the ISO to a CD first, the "bootmgr" is missing and cannot be run by a machine's BIOS.
Any ideas?

Please help.

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Warmtepompen / Heat pump breakers
« Laatste bericht door kevinmanuel Gepost op 27 maart 2018, 15:32:26 »

Im removing the old carrier heat pump 50hs-024-31aaa an wanted to confirm all tbe wiring an breakers were correct on this package unit .
will possibly be putting goodman 2ton in.
Carrier a 208/230 single phase ,10 seer.
At inside breaker box theres a double 60 ,then at outside disconnect there is a double 40 ,wire looks like #10-at. Top -heat an double 30 on bottom -ac wire looks like #12
Readss 23,600btu.
Is that correct on sizing for breakers and wiring ?

Please help.

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Algemeen / Grid tied solar array has voltage but no current
« Laatste bericht door RyanCaleb Gepost op 4 november 2017, 13:13:59 »
I have a roof mounted grid tied system: 20 each Sharp ND-L3E1U panels (123W panels connected in series) and a Sunny Boy SWR2500U inverter. It's worked flawlessly for the last 15 years.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that the the inverter display indicated that the array was producing 395V and 0 watts (I use the old fashion monitoring system of looking at the inverter display once a week or so). The voltage was consistent with historic values, but obviously the watts was not. Everything appeared to be working (the inverter wasn't showing any error codes) - except that I wasn't getting any power.

I tried "rebooting" the system by turning off the AC and DC inputs. That didn't changing anything. I was fortunate to get an identical SB2500 inverter a few years ago form a working system that was being upgraded - I replaced the inverter and the results were the same - about 395 volts and no watts. I tested the continuity of the wires from AC connection to the house panel and the inverter to the roof - the wires are OK. I checked the line voltage - its OK (244V (122V each leg) and 60 Hz).

I visually inspected the panels and wiring connections and did not see any obvious issues.

The last thing I've tried was disconnecting each panel from the array and testing Voc and Isc using my multimeter. Every panel's output voltage was close to the the manufacturer's spec of 21.3V. Current output varied from 3-6A for each panel (I tried to measure the output in direct sun, but that was hard due to time constraints - spec is 8.1A). I have not tested each panel under load (because I'm trying to avoid that until its absolutely necessary).

I've read on this and other forums that I might have a panel that has failed. If so, the failed panel is letting a small amount of current pass so I get voltage, but not enough current to pass to produce measurable watts.

Any suggestions about what is causing the issue?

If it is a bad panel, any suggestions on how to identify the bad panel without dismantling and load testing each panel?

Thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions.

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Algemeen / Location of roof mount combiner box and advice
« Laatste bericht door RyanCaleb Gepost op 4 november 2017, 13:11:09 »
Greetings, I'm about to start on the installation of 9 pv panels. These will be in landscape orientation. After reviewing posts here I know it's not what most here would recommend but I already have the panels and have figured out the racking installation. I'm planing on configuring as 3 strings of 3 each wired in series. The panels are Canadian solar 72 cel 320w, 9 amp (max)

Wiring: I was planing on using a combiner box as a junction box mounted on the roof connected to 1 1/4 in metal conduit going to the solar control area in the basement.
I was planning on connecting the negative of the three strings together and returning using a #6 wire. I was planning on using 3) #8 wire drops to bring the output of the three strings back to the solar control area. Once in the solar control area the strings will be connected to 15 amp breakers in a big baby box, these combine into a single #6 wire going to a master DC breaker and then to the charge controller.

Question: The roof if roughly a # 4 pitch is it typical to mount the combiner box under a corner of the panels -or- is it typically mounted just close to the pv array?

Conduit: I'll be running two #6 wires ( one is the common negative for the three strings, the other is the ground going to the racking system) and three #8 wires for the three pv strings.

Does all this sound reasonable?

Thanks in advance

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Algemeen / million euros and wow difficulty
« Laatste bericht door RyanCaleb Gepost op 10 oktober 2017, 10:07:27 »
They will have to start from the beginning. They will have to choose classes, level up their characters, learn their classes and class abilities, learn how to dps properly, discover what buffs give them, discover professions, learn how to gather herbs, how to mine, how to switch raid difficulty, how to CC - everything. Without any help.
Whats your opinion - will they be able to kill Ragnaros 25man heroic? How long it will take them to kill it? And why do you think so?

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Algemeen / What Should I Bring When I Faction Change?
« Laatste bericht door RyanCaleb Gepost op 10 oktober 2017, 10:06:30 »
Next week I'm going to faction change to Alliance and I was wondering what sort of items I can take with me to turn a profit on? I've thought of some Horde specific cooking recipes and argent tournament pets, but what else? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Well go make a alliance charecter, look up enchanting mats, volatiles etc etc. I did make a 300% profit by flipping darkmoon cards to another faction, but seeing as 4.3 is near i would not go for that.

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Algemeen / The Temptations of Re-rolling, Things stopping me.
« Laatste bericht door RyanCaleb Gepost op 10 oktober 2017, 10:05:25 »
such as achies, pets, mounts, on-use random items, professions, etc. While my rogue has barely any of them, which even though very minor, i enjoy them, there's some i could re-farm, but the work put into them is...not enjoyable half the time.
I also dont want to screw over my guildies, my rogue isnt as geared nor does it do as much dps, (Rogue struggles to get 20k at points, but it's assassination with some 359's and i'd rather not go combat again due to it being combat BC - end WOTLK which made me get bored of it and not play it as a proper alt for ages). It wouldent so much screw over the drops because we get vanq marks going to waste. But of course, if i do re roll i have the strongest feeling that everything that i need on my warrior will drop (It just will, i know it will, IT JUST WILL).

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Algemeen / Why do you love MOP and all things Pandaren!
« Laatste bericht door RyanCaleb Gepost op 10 oktober 2017, 10:02:01 »
There are so many threads QQ-ing about MOP, I thought it was high time we talk about the stuff that excites me.
First off, new lore. For any one who has read Discworld, the Dark Tower, or many Native American tales, the concept of a land floating on an turtles back isn't new. But with all the Titans this and Titan that it's going to be interested to see this world that has developed with  years of separation from everyone else. Blizzard does a great job of incorporating existing stories into their game and I look forward to what their going to do with this

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